1. What exactly is this site?

Gamervania is a gaming community. The website works as many other social networks, with the difference that this one is aimed at gamers only. That is why all the content published on this site must be gaming-related, from screenshots to videogame fanarts.


  1. What type of content may I publish?

Gamervania is focused in videogame screenshots, especially with the purpose of showing off beautiful images with photo-mod. However, you can publish whatever content is related to videogames, such as fanarts, cosplay, or gaming purchases. As for videos, you can post your own gameplays from Youtube or Twitch. What matters is that all your publications must be originally yours.


  1. What about "mature" content?

We acknowledge that many games have oversexualized characters or lewd scenes from which fans like taking screenshots or drawing fanarts. We allow those as long as they are marked as NSFW. However, we will ban explicit pornography, depiction of naked underages and stuff like that. Sometimes the line between appropriate and inappropriate is very thin so this will be looked into case by case. At any rate, NSFW must marked else your account might be banned. etc.:


  1. How to deal with spoilers?.

Same as NSFW, there is a spoiler box you must tick if the content you are publishing has spoilers in it. If you fail to mark it and someone else reports it, your account may be temporarily banned. Likewise, writing spoilers in the description or making comments with spoilers may also lead to a temporary ban or even a permanent one, if it was on purporse.


  1. Then, how can I choose whether or not I want to view NSFW/spoilery content?

This option is enabled/disabled from the search menu. When you tick NSFW or/and spoiler boxes you will view all the images with this type of content posted by all the users on the site. For security reasons these two boxes are not ticked by default and everytime you enter the site you need to mark them if you want to see all the images under these tags.


  1. Why is my account restricted?

Besides the infractions mentioned before we also ban bad behaviour such as trolling, doxing or bullying. At first, you will receive a warning but if you persist on this toxic behaviour, your account may be deleted altogether.


  1. What is this +10 button under the images?

It is the equivalent to "like", with the addition of giving 10 XP points to the OP. These experience points make you level up. Experience points are important because they serve as currency for challenges. In next updates, this currency will have further uses that we cannot unveil yet.